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Joseph Hubertus Pilates, 1883-1967, the founding father of “Contrology,” now known as “Pilates”






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Why waste time and money at big box gyms or fitness clubs without proper supervision and guidance, when you could be learning correct form and execution for best results from experts in the field who care?

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Pilates Works studio features

state-of-the-art Pilates Equipment plus unique equipment merging Pilates and Functional Fitness, all by Balanced Body®

Kerry Kreiman


Integrate functional fitness with core support.

Andrea Carroll


Combine balance work and resistance training.

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Pilates Works is a fitness studio for adults who want to live life as fully as possible in healthy, happy bodies!

ATTENTION: Due to road/infrastructure construction near the railroad crossing on Mistletoe Blvd., you cannot currently get to the studio from the East. Be sure to come in from the West, from Forest Park or Jerome.  This work began at the end of September 2018 and is estimated to take at least 6 months.

Photos by Carolyn Bauman Cruz Featuring clients Terry Gwynne & Leanne Kirkham, and instructors Andrea Carroll & Kerry Kreiman

FREE 1 LITER bottle of Defiance Fuel ultra-purified water when you schedule a tour of the studio.
  • Zero calories, Zero sugars, Zero preservatives, Zero sodium
  • Perfect pH for athletes AND everyone living in a human body!
  • Defiance Fuel Technology is a Healthy Alternative to Alkaline Waters
Defiance Fuel helps to battle the aging process!  Our modern day bicarbonate dietary imbalance leads to the body systems’ acid level increasing with age.  Defiance Fuel supplies potassium bicarbonate to the body in a highly efficient way by using a patented ultra-hydration delivery system.  Neutralizing the acid load with potassium bicarbonate improves calcium and phosphorus balance, reduces bone breakdown, and slows the age-related decline in growth hormone levels. The inventor of Defiance Fuel studied the properties of waters from some of the healing wells in the world as part of his research process, and worked to re-create many of the same properties through a treatment process – Cellular Hydration Processing.  The water holds its perfect pH balance for 2 years from when it is bottled, and the bottles are BPA free!

How does it work?

We make a donation in your honor each time you check in on Facebook.  It is that simple, you check in every time you are at the gym and we donate in your honor. Each month Sweat Angels supports a different world class charity.   Check back here or on the studio display to learn more.

Why Help Fund Play Therapy?

Why is play therapy important?

Play therapy can be a powerful tool to helping children grow, experience, and learn.  Play therapy meets children on their level with guided professional assistance with the goal of improving coping, social and life skills.

Here are two reasons why.

PILATES-based exercise is growing as a practice, an industry, and a philosophy for better living…

because it WORKS!

“Help Find Balance at Pilates Works” – our studio was selected to be featured on 

Are you sitting on your lower back?

Many people have lower back pain, but often don't realize they are sitting on their lower backs while sitting on certain pieces of furniture, which can cause strain. A moment of self assessment and thinking about where your "sitz bones" are at the bottom of the pelvis...

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How To Find Perfect Posture

Pilates Works instructor Sherry Welborn explains how to find perfect posture from the front view, and also demonstrates an exercise on the Balanced Body CoreAlign which challenges the core support muscles necessary to keep control of vertical spinal alignment.

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How to Find Perfect Posture From A Side View (Profile)

Learn what body parts should stack up in profile (side view) when trying to find your perfect vertical posture. Good posture is very hard to achieve when we're constantly being pulled into bad posture from desk jobs, computers, cell phones, and various electronic...

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Spring Garden and COLORING Party

Sunday May 21, Noon to 6 pm Break out the sunscreen for the Hidden Gardens Tour (Berkeley neighborhood, sponsored by Historic Fort Worth, Inc.) and your crayons/markers for our art party! As one of the advertising partners of the Hidden Gardens Tour, we thought it...

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Celebrate Pilates Day 2017 with FREE Intro Classes!!!

Saturday May 6 is Pilates Day, and this year Pilates Works is an official host site! As part of the celebration, we're offering FREE, mini, 25-minute introductory classes which you can sign up for online in advance... Or, if you're not sure when you can stop by, then...

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Why Help Fund Play Therapy?

Play therapy can be a powerful tool to helping children grow, experience, and learn.  Play therapy meets children on their level with guided professional assistance with the goal of improving coping, social and life skills.

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Mid Month Update!

Minutes may not sound like a lot but half way through the month our community has already provided over 1,747 HOURS of therapy to autistic children in need. Keep checking in to provide more Minutes of therapy because minutes turn into hours in the blink of an eye!

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Open House

Haven't followed through on your New Year's resolutions to get in shape? Well, there's no better time than NOW to make a turn for the better! Join us during these open shopping hours on the last day to purchase a commitment package for 2017. The best and most...

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