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PELVIC FLOOR MYTH #1: If I have bladder control problems, I will have to have some kind of surgery to fix it.

FALSE! Did you know bladder control is a fitness issue for most people? And did you also know that there are failure rates of 30 to 50% for many of the kinds of bladder repair surgeries out there? If you can heal your body through exercise, why go through the pain and expense of a surgery which may not lead to the results you desire? That’s why Dr. Bruce S. Crawford, M.D., developed the PFilates method of Pelvic Floor Performance Training.

PELVIC FLOOR MYTH #2: Men can’t “Kegel”

FALSE! “Kegels” aren’t just for women. Everywhere you go, all over the world, all people of all genders and backgrounds have a pelvic floor! The pelvic floor muscles hold your organs in, enable you to control bladder/bowel functions, and are crucial in other kinds of performance which many people don’t want to talk about. Pelvic floor strengthening techniques can eradicate erectile dysfunction for some men. In some studies, pelvic floor strengthening improved performance for about 70% of the participants and resolved the problem completely for 30%.

PELVIC FLOOR MYTH #3: I should sometimes practice “Kegels” in the restroom.

FALSE! If you’ve been told to periodically practice stopping the flow of urine to test out your pelvic floor muscles, you’ve been misadvised. Dr. Crawford explained to us during our training that you really DON’T want to send mixed signals to the bladder… Instead, you want the bladder and bowels to get clear signals to know what to do when.


  • Bladder control
  • Bowel control
  • Inconvenience (Needing to stay near a restroom)
  • Prolapse (organs starting to descend out of the body)
  • Sexual function and satisfaction, including erectile dysfunction

Possible Causes?

  • Childbirth
  • Injury
  • Aging processes
  • Lack of fitness and overall strength
Bladder control is a fitness issue for most people. Did you know your pelvic floor muscles are part of the “Core” training that’s been in the news for years now? It impacts people of all ages, every day. Pelvic floor muscles are crucial to the integrity of your body because they keep your organs from falling out!

Dr. Bruce S. Crawford, MD, a board certified urogynecologist who developed the PFilates method through rigorous scientific testing, has been working hard to help his patients and people around the world take control of their health, well-being, and quality of life through exercise.

The PFilates Pelvic Floor Performance Training program is a synthesis of Pilates, plyometrics, and traditional “Kegels.” These methods have been scientifically tested to determine which exercises are most likely to give you the best success at strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

The PFilates system is a proven method for developing pelvic floor strength. Clinical data collected over 6 years showed that after just FOUR weeks of doing PFilates exercises, patients had a 33% improvement in pelvic floor strength and a 74% overall improvement in bladder symptoms. Yes, that’s right, those are the average results after just FOUR WEEKS of participation!

I am very happy to be a teacher of Dr. Crawford’s PFilates techniques, because this scientifically-tested exercise system is truly changing people’s lives! As a Certified instructor in the PFilates method, I am periodically offering intensive PFilates workshops at my studio to teach the techniques in detail so that attendees will have a better understanding of how to guide their at-home practice.

$99 Tuition for a 3 hour intensive workshop which provides bonus opportunities:

1 FREE optional review/practice and Q&A follow-up session (usually scheduled to be one week later at the same day/time for 1 hour). We’ll go through all the exercises without stopping, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions which may have come up for you during your week of at-home practice.

(FAQ – Why is the workshop so long?  Honestly it takes that long.  I first tried to teach in 1.5 hours, then 2 hours, and have increased to 2.5 hours.  There is a slide presentation, overview of some basic anatomy, background on how/why the exercises were tested and selected, plus, as a group, we go through the exercises with enough detail about form, alignment, and intent, to make sure attendees can make good choices for what to practice on their own.  Even after that intensive time, most attendees have questions after they practice a bit on their own, and have found the review/Q&A session to be helpful.)

If you attend the workshop, you’re eligible to purchase the PFilates exercise kit at the Pilates Works studio for $150 plus tax (online purchase from Dr. Crawford is $199.95).

Note: Registration in the PFilates workshop is subject to the studio’s general 48-hour cancellation policy. Each PFilates intensive workshop will be limited to 8 participants. Check out the studio calendar HERE to see when the next workshop will be offered. Or, be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter so you’ll receive notification of when the next PFilates workshop will be.

If you’d prefer to learn the PFilates techniques over a series of personal training sessions, that might be another option for you.

Yours in PFitness,
Kerry Kreiman
Pilates Works Owner & Certified PFilates Instructor

PFilates/VesyLab products available for retail purchase at Pilates Works:

(Regularly priced as follows)

PFilates Exercise Kit – $189 plus tax – Includes:pfilates web program
  • DVD
  • Exercise Guide
  • Education Guide
  • Program Guide
  • PFilates Inflatable Ball
  • PLUS Online access to additional materials.

If you’d like to purchase a PFilates/VesyLab retail product, please call or e-mail ahead to arrange a shopping time so we can be sure someone is available to assist you. We cannot interrupt teaching classes in order to serve drop-in shoppers, but we’re more than happy to arrange a time to be available to help. E-mail to Info@Pilates.Works or call 817-386-7832.