Get ready to learn how to take better care of yourself!

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, at 2 pm, Janet Taylor Gray, LMT, PhD, will share some simple do-it-yourself acupressure techniques, along with a variety of other health and wellness tips as part of our FREE health and wellness speakers series.

Janet Taylor Gray is a modern-day Renaissance woman and practitioner of healing arts and sciences. Her scientist hats include earning multiple undergraduate degrees in Biology, Pre-Med, Chemistry, and Psychology from Pittsburg State College, and in Education from Pittsburg State University (Kansas), in addition to multiple graduate degrees from Kansas University and Kansas University Medical Center in Medical Technology and Research. She has taught every grade level from First Grade science through graduate level Medical Technology School and Adult Education. The first 20 years of her career were focused around traditional, allopathic medicine, including employment as a medical technologist.

Dissatisfied with the limits of Western traditions in science and medicine, Janet shifted her studies to Oriental Medicine, Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Tui na, and Massage, from a variety of institutes, including certifications from the Chinese Acupressure Institute (FW, TX) and the Beijing College of Traditional Acupressure and Oriental Medicine (Su Ching Krayem, OMD). Other certifications include Polarity (Polarity Institute, Boulder, CO), Clinical and Diagnostic Kinesiology, Total Body Modification & Environmental Stress Management (Parker College of Chiropractic), Aromatherapy and Medical Herbology (Texas Aroma Health), Clinical Hypnotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapy Board (Heartsong Center, Dallas, TX), Reiki Master (Rick & Emma Ferguson, Houston, TX), Advanced Medical Johrei’ Master and Healing Minister, and Lay Minister (Johrei’ Healing Center, Tucson, AZ). Independent studies include Twisted Hair Sweet Medicine (Native American Healing, RaTwoEagles, Denton, TX), TaiChi, Chinese Nerve Plucking, Chinese Foot Massage, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, and Sidda & Kundalini Yoga. Having completed over 4,000 hours in Continuing Education, Janet has more certificates than she can keep track of easily.

Delving further into the world of metaphysics, Janet earned PhD’s in Metaphysics and World Religions, and is an Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA). Additional certifications in Astropsychology (Louis Turi, Phoenix, AZ) and Hermetic Astrology (Roger Baldwin Dallas, TX), add to her perspective.

Combining knowledge from all of her studies, Janet loves to select the best of all the modalities, using a variety of techniques to treat clients based on their individual needs, plus she enjoys sharing tips for quick fix self-care. She opened her first clinic, Acupressure Etc., in June 1989, and her second clinic, My Place Massage, in January 2007. Awards include being honored as a Pioneer in Massage (2009 World Massage Conference), a Johrei Healing Minister, and Reiki Master. A life-long teacher in various capacities, she helped to train younger generations of massage therapists as an instructor for ATI, where she was selected Instructor of the Year in 2007, and was nominated for the Career College Association Instructor of the Year in 2008. To round things out, she is a Jeweler, Fused Glass Designer/Craftsman, and teaches children to make/sell jewelry, and sew. Semi-retired, Janet still practices out of her house, at friend’s studios, and on cruise ships.

Janet will share acupressure techniques, bruise healing, lymphatic drainage, nutrients to stop leg cramps and eye twitching, OTC skin care to remove skin tags and brown spots, and some “surprises.” Bring your questions and bizarre symptoms, and she’ll be glad to see if she can give you some answers and relief.

Part of Pilates Works’ FREE “Speak Easy” health and wellness speakers series, if you like, you can stay afterwards for a Balanced Body equipment demonstration. In addition, new client specials will be offered to attendees who are new to Pilates Works studio.