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Call 817-386-7832 or send an email to request a personal tour of the facility.

Why schedule a tour?
The best reason to schedule a tour is you will learn far more about everything we do more quickly and easily if you are able to see the Pilates equipment in person, meet at least one of the teachers, and have a conversation about all of your options. Another darn good reason is that if you just drop by the studio unannounced, we cannot guarantee that there will be anyone available to speak with you or answer your questions.  We do not have a receptionist, and if we are in the middle of teaching classes/clients, we can’t interrupt the instruction to help you out.  If you contact us ahead of time and set an appointment for your tour, we are able to make sure someone is here with the sole purpose of meeting and listening to you and your needs!
How long does a tour take?
This partially depends on you, your previous experience with Pilates, how much information you want to talk through, and whether or not you have extenuating circumstances related to injury/medical issues which may need to be discussed.  Most tours take about 20-30 minutes, but we may spend up to a full hour with you.
Is this appointment about a hard sell and trying to pressure me into buying a special deal?
Are you going to leave me in an office like a car salesman and keep coming back with a different membership offer or deal and won’t let me leave until I purchase something? No!


Pilates Works is an excellent boutique fitness facility, but we may not be the studio for you! Fitness training is a two-way relationship, and no matter what your previous training/background is, we’ve found it’s usually very helpful to take the time to meet with potential clients to give them a tour of the studio and talk through the various offerings and options which might be a good fit for them.
What will happen during my tour?
When you request a tour, the owner or an instructor from Pilates Works will make an appointment to meet with you, show you the various types of Pilates equipment we have, and look at scheduling options in relation to your work/family/life juggling act.  At the end of the visit, you might decide our offerings aren’t a good fit for you at this time, or we might tell you that we’re not able to accommodate your work/travel schedule at this time, or that we don’t have any teachers available which fit with your schedule.  In which case, if there’s a day/time you’re interested in, we can put you on a waiting list and get back with you later if something opens up.  If you decide you want to move forward with some classes at Pilates Works, we may ask you to go ahead and fill out registration and liability forms while you’re here, even if you don’t purchase any classes yet, because this will save time later when you want to come back for a class.
Pilates Works recognizes we are just one little fitness studio, with only a handful of amazing teachers, and we may or may not be the best fit for you at this time in your life, and for a variety of reasons.  Pilates Works isn’t going to be able to serve every single person who might want to come train here.  That doesn’t mean we’re “elitist” — we have a variety of options of classes which fit most pocket books, starting with the fundamental “mat class” options. Pilates Works strives for excellence in Pilates and functional fitness training, looking at clients’ histories and needs, and staying in dialogue with them about what is/isn’t working for them and any injuries or medical conditions which are relevant to their strength, mobility, and feeling good in their bodies! We’re here to help!  If it turns out we’re not the best fit, we may be able to refer you to other Pilates colleagues in the area, or even offer some suggestions as to other types of body work which may be helpful in your journey to living in a healthy, happy body!
Pilates Works is a fabulous Pilates studio here in Fort Worth.  I have been taking Pilates Mat and Equipment classes at this location for over a year. Both Kerry and Andrea have been wonderful and patient instructors.  They watch your progress, and take you to the next level. I really enjoy the challenges they give their students. My core strength has never been this good. If it were not for Pilates Works and these great instructors, I would have never tried these classes. I am truly grateful to have them as my instructors.
Carolyn Davis

I’ve been attending class at this location for over five years.  It has strengthened my core, and improved my stability and balance.  I would highly recommend the studio and Kerry’s excellent instruction to anyone seeking to improve their fitness.
E. Moss

I have been working with Kerry Kreiman for 5 years. Over that time my upper-body and core strength and balance have greatly improved. This work also has helped me develop a connection and appreciation for my body and the work that it does. I feel strong! Kerry is a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher who accommodates and modifies her classes based on my various aches and pains! Pilates for me has been the gift that keeps on giving and I am grateful for Kerry and her studio!
Peg B.

Use our Studio Calendar to register online. After you create an account, download our FREE app to reserve from your iPhone. For personal training (privates, duets or trios) or a series of leveled Pilates equipment classes, call 817-386-7832 or email.
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