Studio Policies

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SPECIAL NOTE FOR LIVESTREAMING CLASSES: In order to view and participate, you must REGISTER for the class and you must be LOGGED IN to the Tula reservation system account you created for the Pilates Works studio.  The "View Broadcast" link may not appear until 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the class.  Even if it is there sooner than that, your teacher might be in another meeting prior to your class, which will stop you from accessing the meeting until the teacher has gotten off the previous call.  BE SURE to go through a WEB connection.  The most mobile-friendly version (for smart phone or tablet) is here, and you might want to bookmark it in your browser:

Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to get to the View Broadcast link from our iPhone app.

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Call 817-386-7832 or e-mail to Info@Pilates.Works to schedule personal training by appointment.

Beginning 1/1/2019

Cancellation Policy:

The studio’s general cancellation policy for reservations is 48 hours in advance of the day/time of the scheduled session.

E.g. If you have an appointment on Monday at 3 pm, then you must cancel by Saturday at 3 pm or your account will be deducted for the session. 

The Tula online reservation system is programmed to follow the 48-hour cancellation policy, and will not allow you to cancel a reservation at less than 48 hours from the start time of the training session.  

If you accidentally register for the wrong class at less than 48 hours before class, and need assistance in changing your reservation, please contact us for assistance.

SICK?  Please stay home if you have a fever or suspect you’re still contagious.  Consider it a courtesy to your instructors and workout friends.

NOTE:  A more detailed cancellation policy is available at the studio, or can be sent via e-mail upon request.

Payment in Advance

Training sessions must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.  Payment of fees reserves your spot. 

Package Expirations:

Expiration dates are automatically set from the date of payment in relation to the specific package or membership purchased.   Yes, you can take class on the actual expiration date.  If you’ve purchased multiple Flex Credit packages, the Tula system automatically deducts out of the whichever package in your account expires first.  Exceptions to expiration dates are only made in rare cases of extreme illness/injury/accident, such as when you are in a cast or a doctor has set restrictions on your physical exercise. Even then, you must notify the studio of what has happened PRIOR to the expiration date of your classes. If you’re not cleared to return within 4 months of your original notice, contact us again to discuss the best options.

What to Wear

Clothing:  Wearing comfortable, but fairly fitted clothing helps your instructor see your alignment and form. Ultimately, please wear something you feel comfortable in, because if you are overly self-conscious, it will be hard to do your best.  Women are encouraged to wear leggings or yoga pants or fairly fitted sweat pants and a fitted shirt or tank.  Men are encouraged to wear compression under shorts or sweat pants and a fitted shirt or tank.  Whatever is going to support your movement, keep you warm enough, and not get caught up in any springs or moving machine parts is helpful.  If you need to start in layers to stay warm and gradually remove some top layers, that’s fine.  Long sleeves are often helpful to protect skin from springs, ropes, straps, and cords while doing arm work.

Hair:  Securing long hair can be a safety precaution with certain movements and machines. 

Lotions/Oils/Scents/Powders/Creams:  When possible, please refrain from wearing strong perfumes and body oils/lotions/powders/creams which can rub off on the equipment or create slippery spots on the floor or trigger allergy responses in others.  Some lotions/oils have to be scrubbed off with magic erasers to get them off the upholstery.  Some strong perfumes/oils can hang in the air for hours after you leave and impact clients attending later in the day.    If you’re using cream-based medications, try to either fully cover that part of your body with clothing, or wait to put it on after your training session if at all possible.

Footwear:  When you arrive, please leave your street shoes near the front door to help keep the studio and equipment clean and to help everyone stay healthy.  Socks or bare feet are preferred during training sessions, for a variety of reasons, including encouraging foot articulation.  If you have plantar warts or athlete’s foot or any type of foot or toenail fungus, PLEASE wear socks.  If you need lotion/cream/oil on your feet, PLEASE wear socks.  Cotton socks or socks with grippers on them usually feel the most secure, but we always keep a lot of cut shelf liner around to help create more effective non-slip surfaces.  In addition, we usually have a variety of grip socks available for sale at the studio.  Shoes:  Clients who are required to wear shoes/orthotics for medical reasons are requested to clean off the soles of their shoes thoroughly prior to their workout (with disinfecting wipes provided by the studio) or purchase a separate set of shoes to be worn in the studio (and not at other locations).

Communication Policies and Requests:

Physical/health/wellness concerns:  Please keep your instructor(s) informed of relevant information which could impact your participation in class, such as injuries or doctor’s/therapist’s recommendations.  If anything happens during a session to cause pain or discomfort, please stop doing the movement and immediately communicate with the instructor, especially if it is a sharp stabbing or shooting pain.  As needed, please request to update your file.  (E.g. you’ve recently moved or changed cell numbers, emergency contact info needs updating, surgeries, etc.)

Goal setting:  Please stay in pro-active communication with your instructors about ongoing concerns you might have, including what you consider your short-term and long-term goals to be.  It’s easier for us to help you make progress when we’re all on the same page.

Late Arrival Policy for Personal Training

The instructor is free to leave if you are more than 20 minutes late without having communicated in advance, and your account will still be deducted for the session.  With the change in cell phone laws, and for general safety, we’re aware it’s not possible for you to contact us on your cell if you’re driving.  Suggestion — if you think you might be more than 20 minutes late, stop somewhere to call/text to let your instructor know you’re on your way.   If you’re late, your session will still end on time as it was originally scheduled.  If you arrive on time, you’re guaranteed a full fifty-minute session.  Early departures are treated similarly — if you choose to leave early, you will be responsible for paying for the full session. 

Late Arrival Policy for Small Group Training

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, and have already missed a lot of the warm-up, your instructor may ask you to observe the remainder of the session rather than participating.  What the instructor requests will depend on the nature of the particular workout on that particular day and how much warm-up the group has already done.  This policy is for your safety to protect you from potential injury and out of respect for your instructor and your classmates.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the instructor if you have a great deal of experience and are capable of doing your own warm-up to catch up with the group, or your instructor may ask you to do a series of warm-ups before joining the group. 


If schools/businesses are closing due to inclement weather, AND Pilates Works announces cancels training sessions, your account will not be charged.  If your spot was reserved through an “Old School” reservation, you’ll be issued non-refundable FLEX Credits at an approximate equivalent of that day’s session, which can be used to reserve other sessions within 30 days of the date of the cancelled training session.  Please know we attempt to contact each client individually if they have already registered for a session which needs to be canceled.