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 Kerry Kreiman

Kerry Kreiman



Owner/Director of Pilates Works
Balanced Body University Comprehensive Pilates Instructor & MOTR Instructor

 NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, formerly PMA-CPT)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Certified Functional Aging Specialist & Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist (Functional Aging Institute)
PFilates™ Certified Instructor (Insight Biodesign, LLC)
Franklin Method® Pelvic Fascia Trainer (Franklin Method Institute)
YUR Back Licensed Instructor (PhiPilates)
Barefoot Training Specialist – Level 1 (Evidence Based Fitness Academy)
Professional Pilates trainer since 1998
Teacher of Movement since 1974


Kerry Kreiman, Owner/Director of Pilates Works – is passionate about exercise, fitness, dance, and healthy movement, and greatly enjoys sharing those interests with others.  As a mover in an aging body, she continually finds renewed curiosity and respect for the miracle that is the human body and its many possibilities for positive change.  As a master trainer, having taught Pilates for over twenty years, she continues to investigate the potential for healthy movement in all decades of life. NCPT Badge

Thoughts on the importance of technique and form:  “As an adult, I learned I needed to retrain my body from the ground up, because I had not had adequate training in my early years.  Having experienced thfrustration of having to ‘start over’ as a fully grown human gave me a passion for teaching proper form and alignment.  I know from my own personal experience, you can end up in a lot of pain at any age in life if you work incorrectly, and I want to help my clients of all ages avoid unnecessary pain and injuries.”


Thoughts on aging bodies:  “I recognize the aging body has certain realities and limitations, but I am continually astounded by the positive change that is possible in any body, at any age or stage in life, especially if the right choices and processes are applied with good common sense.  One of the beautiful things about Pilates, and other functional fitness methods, is that people over 50 are finding a new lease on life and what feels like a brand new body through the magic of mindful exercise!”Find Me At USREPS.ORG


As a certified Functional Aging Specialist and Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute, Kerry is particularly interested in better serving clients over the age of 50 (just like herself) to ensure they are working safely, making good choices, and still being fully challenged to continue to grow stronger and more mobile every day.


Kerry is also a certified trainer of the PFilates Program of Pelvic Floor Performance Training, which applies Plyometric principles to pelvic floor strengthening techniques for optimum results.  Developed by Dr. Bruce Crawford, MD, this exercise program is a product of scientific testing of muscle contractions while performing various Pilates exercises.  The PFilates program is based on the principle that bladder control is a fitness issue which can be changed through exercise.  Additional benefits from increased pelvic floor strength can include improving or eliminating erectile dysfunction.  The pelvic floor muscles are integrated with other core support muscles which impact core strength throughout the entire body.  To learn more about our PFilates options, click HERE.


To complement her PFilates training, Kerry has become a Franklin Method® Pelvis Fascia Trainer (Franklin Method Institute, founded by Eric Franklin) and is certified to teach the Franklin Method®: Dynamic Pelvic Floor Fascia workshop in addition to using Franklin Method® Fascia Training & Principles within classes.


Franklin Method Logo


As a certified Barefoot Training Specialist – Level 1 — through Dr. Emily Splichal’s Evidence Based Fitness Academy — Kerry helps clients improve balance and establish more efficient movement patterns to develop stronger “foot to core” connections, which in turn improves all aspects of human movement.


Barefoot Training Specialist Logo



As a licensed YUR Back instructor, Kerry has also received additional training from Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby to teach her methods for safe exercise for those suffering from chronic low back pain.

YUR Back Trained Badge


Kerry has been teaching dance since the age of 12, and has been teaching Pilates since 1998. She is a certified Pilates instructor with a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Balanced Body University (Sacramento).  Her original certification was through the PhysicalMind Institute (New York City).  Kerry holds a MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BFA in Modern Dance and a BA in Philosophy from Texas Christian University.

Find Me On The MedFit Network logoKerry has pursued continuing education in Pilates and fitness topics with notable instructors such as Madeline Black, Marie-Jose Blom, Mariska Breland, Nathan Briner, Allyson Cabot, Karen Clippinger, Fabio Comana, Shelley Estes, Eric Franklin, Nico Gonzalez, Beth Kaplanek, Brett Klika, Elizabeth Larkam, Michele Larsson, Julian Littleford, Tom McCook, Lisa McKenna, Lolita San Miguel, Derek Mikulski, Debi Pillarella, Krista Popowych, Brian Richey, Dan Ritchie, Christine Romani-Ruby, Karen Sanzo, Gabrielle Shrier, Cody Sipe, Benny Vaughn, and Diane Vives.

Coursework within her undergraduate and graduate studies included Anatomical Kinesiology, Body Work (Somatics based principles from a variety of traditions), Effort Shape (Laban movement analysis), Teaching Methods, and Labanotation (movement analysis and notation).

Her additional training in Bartenieff and somatics-based exercise and movement principles (focused on achieving and teaching appropriate alignment and movement efficiency for fitness and dance) has included study with nationally and internationally-recognized teachers such as Melanie Bales, Kitty Daniels, Jan Erkert, Bill Evans, Margie Fargnoli, Janet Hamburg, Elizabeth Jones, Suzie Lundgren, Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, Susan Douglas Roberts, and Ellen Page Shelton.IDEA FitnessConnect logo

Further influencing her perspectives on people’s personal journeys toward fitness and health, Kerry’s own personal practice and “body work” experiences have included participation in the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, acupressure, chiropractic, Rolfing, and imagery visualization techniques from the traditions of Lulu Sweigard and Mabel Todd.  Kerry truly believes it “takes a village” for each of us to pursue our best health and well-being, and that the aid and perceptions of others from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines is part of the journey.

A co-founder of the Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth company in 1990, Kerry has served as an executive and artistic director to the company since its inception. CD/FW was the first professional modern dance company established in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, and one of the first presenters of modern dance companies and artists in the area.  CD/FW continues to produce and present modern dance and contemporary dance, including collaborations with area arts institutions such as the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Kimbell Art Museum.

Prior to co-founding the CD/FW Co., Kerry directed the Dance Program at the Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana (1987-1990) and was Visiting Assistant Professor at Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame (1989-90). She was a Guest Lecturer in Modern Dance for the TCU Department of Ballet & Modern Dance (since renamed the TCU School for Classical & Contemporary Dance) for eight years (1998-2006), serving on both the undergraduate and graduate adjunct faculty, including serving on thesis committees and as an advisor to graduate thesis choreography projects (including working with recognized Taiwanese dance professionals for the TCU in Taiwan project).  The coursework she taught at TCU included modern dance technique, “body work” (including Pilates, Bartenieff fundamentals, and more), choreography and improvisation, performance and repertory, senior thesis choreography, master’s thesis choreography and more.  As a dance teacher, Kerry has taught dance to students ages 3 and up, and enjoys working with dance students of all ages.

In 2006, Kerry was in the first graduating class of the Bill Evans Modern Dance Technique certification program, directed by the internationally-renowned master teacher Bill Evans.  This program encompassed four consecutive summers of intensive workshops (with on-going projects conducted during the year in between).  Evans’ technique is notable for its integration of Bartenieff movement fundamentals and Laban movement analysis with modern dance technique.  She has also served as a faculty member for his certification program.

Within her training as a dancer and choreographer, she has been privileged to do intensive study with master teachers such as Jerry Bywaters Cochran, Jan Erkert, Bill Evans, Betty Jones, Daniel Nagrin, Douglas Nielsen, Don Redlich, Ellen Page Shelton, Jeff Slayton, Gus Solomons jr, and Chester Wolenski.

Since completing her Pilates certification, Kerry has taught Pilates to students from ages 12 and up.  In 2000, she was invited to teach Pilates for a month in Taipei, Taiwan for the first annual Taiwan International Dance Festival on the campus of the National Institute of the Arts where she introduced advanced and professional dancers to the Pilates mat work and reformer work.  She has also taught Pilates Mat for Dancers, with an emphasis on integrating dance technique with the Pilates mat work, during Bill Evans Teacher Intensive workshops (WA and NY) and has taught similar guest master classes at the University of North Texas.

Thoughts on integrating knowledge from a variety of movement traditions:  “I feel the lessons learned from my dance mentors are as important and significant as my training within the traditions of Pilates and other somatics-based exercise.  Dance training integrates our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of knowledge…  and ultimately, Pilates training teaches the same sorts of lessons through continued discipline, exploration, and discovery about the art of living inside a human body.  Mr. Pilates taught the necessity of ‘mindful’ exercise rather than ‘mindless’ exercise, and that same mind-body connection is fundamental to both dance and Pilates training.  Ultimately, most traditions of physical training have the same over-arching goals:  to be able to achieve ease of movement in healthy, balanced bodies.  I really enjoy sharing knowledge from all of my studies.  One of the things I love about Mr. Pilates history is that he studied as many forms of movement and physical education as he could, and he worked to integrate ideas from all of those traditions while continuing to explore new possibilities.  He was a synthesist who liked to investigate what was possible without doing anything harmful.  All of his life he kept creating new pieces of equipment and developing new exercises. ”

Thoughts on teaching:  “I love working with people of all ages from all walks of life.  As a teacher, I always learn a lot from my students, because each person has a unique body and its own strengths and habits as a result of a unique personal history.  I find movement analysis to be absolutely fascinating, and I enjoy helping clients start to analyze their own movement patterns and how they impact how they feel every day.  As clients begin to make mental connections between how they treat their bodies in daily life and the knowledge they gain in class, they often find they are in less pain and better able to negotiate the demands of life.  Seeing someone experience the joy and freedom of playing with their grandkids is just as satisfying as seeing a beautiful dancer take the stage with confidence.  When we take care of our ourselves and our bodies, everything in life is a little easier and a little more beautiful.  That’s why the first sentence of Mr. Pilates’ manifesto Return To Life Through Contrology reads, ‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’  No matter where you choose to get fit, just get out there and do it!”


Andrea Carroll

Andrea Carroll

Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (The Pink Ribbon Program)
YUR Back licensed instructor (PhiPilates)
NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, formerly PMA-CPT)
Professional Pilates trainer 2006
Teacher of movement since 1988

Andrea Carroll has had an interest in health, wellness, physiology and movement since graduating from Indiana University with a BS degree in Allied Health Sciences in the mid 70’s, and worked as a medical technologist in a clinical lab for 5 years. Her passion turned to fitness in the late 1980’s. As she was raising her daughters, she taught a variety of fitness classes including aerobics, step, weight training and spinning. Yoga became part of her repertoire in the 1990’s and continues to this day. But the most profound transformation was her discovery of Pilates at Personal Best Pilates Studio in Overland Park, KS.

After back surgery in 2005 for two herniated discs, Andrea helped regain her strength and range of motion through her Pilates practice.  Through in-depth studies under Amanda Jessee and Carrie Cohn, Andrea became fully certified to teach Pilates in early 2006 through the Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy.  She enjoyed six years of outstanding client service in the Kansas City area before following her husband to the Fort Worth area in 2012. Andrea took advantage of the move to Texas as an opportunity to have her knees replaced, the left in April, the right in July, and to get back in shape for her daughter’s wedding in November of 2012.Find Me At USREPS.ORG

In 2013, she realized she was ready to get back to teaching Pilates, the same year she became certified to teach the PINK RIBBON PROGRAM as a Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, studying with Doreen Puglisi, the founder of the program. To learn more about The Pink Ribbon Program for breast cancer survivors, click HERE.

“In addition to helping regain strength and mobility in the affected shoulder and arm, following the Pink Ribbon program can help decrease lymphedema and fatigue.  Other benefits may include improving sleep, enhancing energy levels, and giving a boost to one’s self-confidence,” noted Andrea.  “The better you feel in your body, the more capable you are of moving forward in life with a renewed sense of purpose.”Pink Ribbon Program at Pilates Works Fort Worth

Andrea is a licensed instructor in the YUR Back exercise program, founded by Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby of PhiPilates.  YUR Back combines therapeutic exercise, Pilates, and muscle balancing techniques to create a safe and effective work out for those recovering from low back pain.YUR Back Logo

Continuing education workshop topics have included anatomy and biomechanics, clinical assessment, cardio training, flexibility, and advanced stretching techniques.  Other opportunities included training with internationally-recognized instructors such as Nico Gonzalez, and Elizabeth Larkam.Find Me On The MedFitNetwork logo

Her original fitness instructor training included:  group fitness certification through NETA (National Exercise Trainer’s Association), certified spinning instructor through Mad Dog Athletics, and certifications in BODYPUMP and BODYSTEP through Les Mills (plus additional RPM studies).  Her teaching repertoire at that time included:  high and low impact aerobics, step aerobics, weight training, body sculpting, yoga and cycle/spinning.  Andrea brings all of this knowledge to the table whether she’s working one-on-one with clients, teaching equipment classes, or adding amazing variety to her Mat & More classes.

Andrea and her husband Roger have a daughter, son-in-law and grandson in AZ, and a daughter and son-in-law in MN.  They own Cowtown Graphics and Signs, a commercial sign company committed to providing visual branding solutions to businesses interested in increasing their sales.  The Carrolls now consider Fort Worth to be their home.

Andrea enjoys working with people:  “I love helping clients meet their goals and improve their quality of life. Seeing their continued progress as they grow stronger over time brings joy to my work and the lives of my clients.”

SherrySherry Welborn

Certified Personal Trainer, National Council on Strength & Fitness
Instructor & Administrative Assistant
BFA in Ballet & Modern Dance
Teacher of movement since 1970

Sherry Welborn has been captivated by the pleasures and benefits of movement her entire life. She received her BFA in Ballet & Modern Dance from Texas Christian University, where she also served as adjunct faculty for 3 years. A long-active member of the Fort Worth dance community, Sherry has performed locally with various independent choreographers and performing groups including Ballet Concerto, Dian West, Shakespeare in the Park, Hip Pocket Theatre, TCU dance productions, New Works Project, and Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth.  As a dance instructor, she has taught ballet, tap, and modern dance.Find Me At USREPS.ORG

While Sherry worked in administration and accounting roles in the corporate world for over 30 years, she continued to rely on dance classes for physical fitness and enjoyment, but recognized her aging body preferred a different form of exercise.  This led her to explore other methods of movement and fitness including yoga, tai chi, weight training, and Pilates.  In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength & Fitness, and registered with the US Registry of Exercise Professionals, Sherry has completed instructor training on the Balanced Body CoreAlign and MOTR, and is excited to be working, learning, and sharing with the community at Pilates Works studio.

Tina Mullone | Guest Instructor | Certified Balanced Body Mat Instructor | MFA in Modern Dance | Certified Umfundalai African dance teacherTina Mullone (Monroe, LA)

Guest Instructor
Certified Balanced Body Mat Instructor
MFA in Modern Dance
Certified Umfundalai African dance teacher

Tina Mullone is a proud Cowtown native.  She is a Balanced Body mat certified instructor as well as a teacher/choreographer/performer in the field of dance, and is currently an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Tina began her dance training in Fort Worth under Fernando Schaffenburg and continued her studies at Dallas Black Dance Theatre and the University of Oklahoma.  After completing a B.A. in Art History, she performed and taught for JAADE Dance Theater, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth and Beckles Dancing Company (Dallas).  She has taught at many locations in the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex, including at the Texas Ballet Theater School and Texas Christian University.  Additional performing experience included work with Kariamu and Company: Traditions and Bianca G. Harris Dance Ensemble (Philadelphia, PA).

After receiving a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance from Texas Christian University, she taught at several Dallas/Fort Worth community colleges.  She has performed in Germany, Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, Louisiana and Texas.  Over the years, she has attended numerous dance intensives/workshops including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Philadanco Dance School, Urban Bush Women and the William Evans Dance Institute.

Tina has completed her M’Singha Wuti Umfundalai African dance technique certification and is pursuing her apprenticeship with the Louisiana A plus arts integration program.  As a leader in higher education, she is also serving her second consecutive term as a South regional board member for the American College Dance Association.

An active performing artist, Tina continues to commute from Louisiana to Texas to work with Beckles Dancing Company (Dallas) and Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth (as Associate Artistic Director) and is also co-director of M2 (m squared), a performance art ensemble based in Monroe, LA.

Tina says, “I always enjoy working with the clients at Pilates Works when I have an opportunity to teach there.  It’s fun to work with every day people who aren’t part of my dance world.”