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Open House & Animal Party September 24, 2pm-5pm

With Good Neighbors Animal Rescue (GNAR)


Pompatus (of love)




Terry Gwynne and “Nick”

Tour the studio, meet our staff, and check out our Pilates equipment.

Meet adorable kittens, cats, and dogs that are available for adoption from Good Neighbors Animal Rescue.

Donate to GNAR, and get signed up for free Pilates sessions.

Meet Terry Gwynne and her award-winning dog “Nick”, and see demos of obedience exercises.







Eevee & Jake




Donate $5 to GNAR and get 1 free Mat & More class at the Pilates Works studio!  (Limit 4 free mat classes per person with a donation up to $20.  Any donation between $20 and $74 can qualify for 4 free mat classes.)
Donate $75 to GNAR and get 1 free MOTR class (Limit 1 per person.)
Donate $150 to GNAR and get 1 free CoreAlign class (Limit 1 per person.)
Donate $250 to GNAR and get 1 free Private Personal Training Session at the Pilates Works studio with owner Kerry Kreiman!  (Limit 1 private per person.)
These offers are ONLY available during the ANIMAL PARTY, so don’t miss it!

Dog Obedience Demos at 2:30pm and 4pm

Meet Terry Gwynne and her award-winning sweetie pie “Nick” who earned a Companion Dog Excellent title in Competitive Obedience.  He accomplished this by retrieving a dumbbell on flat and over a jump on command and various other exercises.   Together they will demonstrate a few obedience exercises set out by the American Kennel Club for obedience titling.  Terry will also discuss the importance of manners to make a pet a good member of a family and some basic commands which can keep your dog safe.


And, you can also DONATE for FREE!   How’s that?!?!?  All you need is a Facebook account to support Pilates Works’ cause of the month through Sweat Angels and help feed rescue animals all across the nation.  Check in on Facebook at Pilates Works while you attend the party, and Pilates Works will donate 4 bowls of food to rescue animals through Rescue Bank!  Tag your friends within your check-in post, and we’ll donate in their name, too.  It’s THAT easy!

Use our Studio Calendar to register online. After you create an account, download our FREE app to reserve from your iPhone.

For personal training (privates, duets or trios) or a series of leveled equipment classes, call 817-386-7832 or email.

Unique Equipment by Balanced Body®

Kerry Kreiman


Integrate functional fitness with core support.

Andrea Carroll


Combine balance work and resistance training.

Pilates Works is a new business solely owned by Kerry Kreiman. Joining her are certified Pilates instructors Andrea Carroll and Sarah Newton, helping you to feel good in your body. The studio is located in the former home of The Body Garage (of which Kreiman was a co-owner for over 9 years).

Photos by Carolyn Bauman Cruz
Featuring clients Terry Gwynne & Leanne Kirkham, and instructors Andrea Carroll & Kerry Kreiman

FREE 1 LITER bottle of Defiance Fuel ultra-purified water when you schedule a tour of the studio.
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  • Perfect pH for athletes AND everyone living in a human body!
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Defiance Fuel helps to battle the aging process!  Our modern day bicarbonate dietary imbalance leads to the body systems’ acid level increasing with age.  Defiance Fuel supplies potassium bicarbonate to the body in a highly efficient way by using a patented ultra-hydration delivery system.  Neutralizing the acid load with potassium bicarbonate improves calcium and phosphorus balance, reduces bone breakdown, and slows the age-related decline in growth hormone levels.

The inventor of Defiance Fuel studied the properties of waters from some of the healing wells in the world as part of his research process, and worked to re-create many of the same properties through a treatment process – Cellular Hydration Processing.  The water holds its perfect pH balance for 2 years from when it is bottled, and the bottles are BPA free!

How does it work?

We make a donation in your honor each time you check in on Facebook.  It is that simple, you check in every time you are at the gym and we donate in your honor.

Each month Sweat Angels supports a different world class charity.   Check back here or on the studio display to learn more.