VALENTINE’S DAY MASS-O-CURE—Tired of all the hoo ha?  Not sure you have any best friends left?  Don’t care anyway?  Why let the excuses of any holiday or imposed societal expectation get you down?  Have you heard of the Food Is Medicine movement?  Well, exercise is medicine, too!   As Mr. Pilates said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”  It’s not a fad or gimmick.  It’s not about wishing, hoping, and thinking your way to a better body.  It’s about getting your physical self to the studio or gym and putting in the time and the WORK.  That’s why my new business is called “Pilates Works” – because Pilates-based exercise really DOES work, and it can work so effectively that it may even appear to work miracles in some cases, but everyone has to put in the work –  teachers and clients alike – and that means you have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself to do it.  Are you worth it?  Of course you are!

CELEBRATE YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF —  If you made lots of New Year’s Resolutions and you haven’t found time to act on them yet, now’s the time!  January’s gone and there’s no reason not to get going on the first day of the rest of your life.   With the new wide variety of purchase plans we have available as of January 1st, there’s likely a plan for you which will help to keep you motivated and on task.

Do you need to invest a lot of money to follow through on commitments to yourself?  Well then one of the large COMMITMENT packages may be just what you need to meet your goals (only available for purchase through March 1st, and which expire on December 22, 2017)

Do you have trouble with procrastination until the last minute?    Check out our new monthly “membership” packages where the flex credits expire every 30 days.

Are you challenged by flexibility/freedom and need a solid schedule?  Then go with “Old School” locked in Pilates Circuit Training classes or set up a “standing” or “retainer” personal training appointments.

Is your work/family/life schedule unpredictable and you need as much flexibility as possible?   Any of the Flex Credit options are what you should check out first, but not to say that you couldn’t go with personal training sessions, whether through the Flex Credits system or a more traditional payment plan.

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