February Sweat Angels

Goodness reigns when you share with others

Taking the time to work out can seem like a guilt-ridden experience for some, when other tasks, needs, responsibilities, or even broader societal ills seem far more urgent than taking care of yourself.  That’s one of the primary reasons we’re partnering with Sweat Angels, because each time you “check-in” at Pilates Works on Facebook or Instagram, you’re actually making tangible donations to non-profits who help to make the world a better place!  February’s cause of the month is Guiding Eyes For The Blind – providing food for guide dogs in training!

VALENTINE’S VICTORY  – Taking good loving care of your body is one of the best ways to love yourself and the folks around you in your many circles of life.  When you feel better in your body, it’s easier to stay on the good side of the fight in every way…  from overall attitude and emotional well-being to maintaining energy and better sleep patterns.