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Saturday July 28, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm - PFilates Intensive Workshop

Saturday September 8, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm - PFilates Intensive Workshop

Saturday October 6, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm - PFilates Intensive Workshop

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New V.I.P. benefits for most frequent clients

Pilates Works is a boutique fitness studio designed to reward active, regularly-participating clients.  Why?  Mainly because our teachers want to help you improve — to get better, stronger, more mobile, and more actively supported in your body over time.  And the best way we can do that is to work with you on a regular basis to oversee your progress to help you become your best possible self, in a healthy and happy body!  We really enjoy seeing our clients improve, which helps us to feel fulfilled in our jobs as teachers, which then continues to inspire us to do the hard work we do every day.  In recognition of our best customers, we are updating our offerings for 2017:

NEW “PERKS” Program

Pilates Works is starting a PERKS program to periodically award perks, prizes, extra classes, etc., based on your regular participation and the volume of your purchases.

NEW VIP Pricing Lock-In

Purchase any package of 20 or more classes in “Old School” format at the New 2017 Prices, and when your package runs out, get the same rate for any additional classes you purchase during 2017 as long as you purchase at least 10 at a time after that point.

NEW “Stand In” Privileges

For regular private personal training clients, IF you are averaging at least 1 private per week and are purchasing packages of at least 10 at a time, you can send someone else in your place if you need to late cancel.  Just be sure to notify your teacher and to also give your replacement a heads up that they will need to fill out registration/liability forms before taking their first class.

VIP Priority Reservations

Prioritizing our best customers has been our informal policy, but now it has a more formal name.  It’s a policy of courtesy and common sense, and we try to use our best judgment when we apply it.  Basically, we try to help out the clients who attend regularly, so they don’t get shut out of classes or time slots!   Our “First Right of Refusal” policy is part of this philosophy…

First right of refusal

If you have a “STANDING” weekly day/time for a personal training session or a group equipment class, we’ll hold that spot for you as long as you continue to pay in advance.  Personal training clients must pay at least 1 session ahead and Pilates Circuit Training (formerly called small group equipment) clients must pay at least 4 weeks at a time.

Looking out for you

Reservations for personal training clients who attend regularly and/or purchase in bulk will be prioritized to hold space for them on the books so they can complete their packages.  For personal training clients, this includes the ability to have weekly “standing” appointments held with a specific teacher(s), as long as you have always paid at least one class ahead.

VIP Clients without weekly “Standing” Times

If you are a weekly VIP client who is unable to schedule “standing” times due to rotating work schedules or other vagaries of life such as family duties, and others are requesting a time for which you often come in within your various rotations, your teacher may try to contact you first to see if you want the time before giving it to someone else.  If you are contacted, it is always your choice as to whether or not you take up the offer, and shouldn’t be interpreted as pressure to schedule.  We just want to be sure our best customers are taken care of so they can keep up with their fitness regime, and they can complete the packages they purchase.  At the same time, our instructors need to make a living, so they need to carefully ensure their schedule fills up.  Please know scheduling is a work in progress every day, and many days we spend as much (or more) time on it as we do teaching.  Ultimately, you need to keep up with your packages because your instructors only have so many hours in the day and they need to sleep and eat, too.