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Beginning 1/1/2017

Cancellation Policy:

The studio’s general cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance of the class day/time. Specific packages do not allow any cancellation at all.

NO “Make-Ups” allowed.

The only “makeups” relate to the updated Weather policy.

General Cancellation Policy For Personal Training By Appointment

A 48-hour notice of cancellation is required for any private, duet or trio personal training session scheduled by appointment. E.g. If you have an appointment on Monday at 3:00pm, then you must cancel by Saturday at 3:00pm or you will be responsible for paying the full amount for the session.

How to Cancel an Appointment for Personal Training (Privates, duets, trios)

If you purchase your classes at rates which allow a 48-hour cancellation window, you must still make sure you cancel by the deadline to avoid being charged for a missed class. If you cancel via voicemail by the 48-hour advance notice deadline — at 817-386-7832 — or by e-mail at Info@Pilates.Works you will not be charged. If you choose to communicate directly with your instructor by cell phone call or text message, you must get verbal or written confirmation from your instructor that they received your message. Never assume that a text message or voice mail message sent to an instructor’s cell phone has been received unless they reply to your notification. Unfortunately, cell phone technology frequently fails, so you must receive a reply for this mode of communication to be verified. In regards to cancellations sent directly to the studio, you should similarly expect notice that your cancellation has been received, but if you cancel over the weekend, you might not receive the reply/acknowledgment until Monday. Your notice is logged according to the date/time stamp on the answering machine or on the e-mail.

PRIVATES Cancellation Policy Addendum

The general 48-hour notice of cancellation still applies, but for PRIVATE personal training sessions purchased at regular rates, exceptions will be made for emergencies such as car accidents, extreme illness or injury. Communication with your instructor about the situation prior to the scheduled appointment time is required..

Duet/Trio Cancellation Policy Addendum

A 48-hour notice of cancellation is required for a duet or trio session scheduled by appointment, however each person participating in a duet/trio is responsible for their portion of the class.

  • If all the participants in a duet/trio want to move their appointment they must request that change at least 48 hours ahead of the original appointment.
  • If any individual in a duet/trio cancels with less than 48-hours notice that person is responsible for paying for their portion of the class, whether or not it was due to an emergency or illness. This policy is necessary as a commitment to the other members in the duet/trio and because the studio has been holding teacher/equipment time for you.
  • If any individual in a duet/trio cancels more than 48 hours in advance, then the other participant(s) in the class have the option to cancel or can agree to pay for the class at a higher rate (private or duet).

If schools and businesses are closing due to inclement weather, AND Pilates Works announces cancelled classes, you will be issued non-refundable FLEX Credits at an approximate equivalent of the price you paid for your cancelled classes, which could be used to make reservations in the Tula system to reserve spots in other classes within 30 days of the date of the cancelled class.

Payment in Advance

In general, classes and sessions by appointment must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable. Payment of fees reserves your spot. Many classes can be paid/reserved through the online Tula system or the Pilates Works iPhone app. Different classes/payment plans allow different kinds of reservations/cancellations and have different expiration periods.

Credits on Accounts/Class Package Expirations

Expiration dates for packages of classes are calculated from the date of payment for the package. You are allowed to take class on the actual expiration date.

Exceptions: Exceptions to expiration dates on classes are only made in rare cases of extreme illness/injury/accident, such as when you are in a cast or a doctor has set restrictions on your physical exercise. Even then, you must notify the studio of what has happened PRIOR to the expiration date of your classes. If you are not cleared by a physician to return to classes within 4 months of your original notification of your status, contact the studio again in regard to your updated medical status, and we will work with you to transfer some of your classes to a family member or friend or refund a percentage of your purchase.

What to Wear

Wearing comfortable, but fairly fitted clothing can help your instructor see your alignment and form. Ultimately, please wear something you feel comfortable in, because if you are overly self conscious, it will be hard to do your best. Women are encouraged to wear leggings or yoga pants or fairly fitted sweat pants and a fitted shirt or tank. Men are encouraged to wear compression under shorts or sweat pants and a fitted shirt or tank. Socks or bare feet are acceptable. Whatever is going to support your movement, keep you warm enough, and not get caught up in any springs or moving machine parts is helpful. Securing long hair can be a safety precaution with certain movements and machines. If you have plantar warts or athlete’s foot PLEASE wear socks. When possible, please refrain from wearing strong perfumes and body oils/lotions which can rub off on the equipment.

Communication Policy

Please keep your instructor informed of relevant information which could impact your participation in class, such as injuries or doctor’s recommendations. Also, if anything happens during a class to cause you to experience pain or discomfort you should immediately communicate with the instructor, especially if it is a sharp stabbing or shooting pain. If any of your personal information on file has changed you should request to update your file. (E.g. Personal physician, emergency contact information, major injuries/surgeries which might impact your performance/abilities, etc.)

Late Arrival Policy for Scheduled Personal Training Appointments

If you communicate with your instructor that you are running late, your instructor will stay to meet you. If you are more than 20 minutes late to a session without communicating, your instructor is free to leave and you will still be charged for your session. If you are late, your session will still end on time as it was originally scheduled. If you arrive on time you are guaranteed a full fifty-minute session. If you choose to leave early, you will be responsible for paying for the full fifty-minute session.

Late Arrival Policy for Group Classes

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to any group class and have already missed a lot of the warm-up, your instructor may ask you to observe the remainder of the class rather than participating. What the instructor requests will depend on the nature of the particular class on that particular day and how much warm-up the class has already done. This policy is for your safety to protect you from potential injury and out of respect for your instructor and your classmates. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the instructor if you have a great deal of experience and are capable of doing your own warm-up to catch up with the class.

Updated 1/1/17