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Saturday October 6, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm - PFilates Intensive Workshop

Saturday November 3, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm - PFilates Instensive Workshop

Register online with our Studio Calendar.  After you create an account, download our FREE app to reserve from your iPhone.

Call 817-386-7832 or e-mail to Info@Pilates.Works to schedule personal training by appointment.

Need some personal attention or extra guidance?

Prefer to work out with your BFF or family members?

Need flexibility in your schedule because you travel a lot?

Mostly do workout videos but occasionally need an instructor to help with your form?
Dealing with post-rehabilitative issues after a surgery or car accident or the randomness of life?


Private, Duet, and Trio appointments are offered in a 50-minute format with the following PRICING for single sessions:

Privates with Kerry or Andrea, Single Session:  $90 or 5 FLEX Credits

Privates with Sherry, Single Session:  $75 or 4 FLEX Credits

Mini Privates (Approx. 25 minutes in length):  3 FLEX Credits

Duets: $60 per person per session or 3 FLEX Credits per person per session

Trios:  $40 per person per session or 2 FLEX Credits per person per session

DISCOUNTS:    A variety of discount packages can be purchased directly from the online store.  Some of the “V.I.P.” and large discount packages  only made available to clients averaging 1 or more sessions per week must be purchased through studio personnel to be eligible.  As of 1/1/18, Trios are no longer available in “Old School” discount packages.  For discounted trios, please purchase discounted Flex Credits packages.

It’s best to make sure we have adequate teacher/equipment availability to accommodate your needs before you purchase a large personal training package.  As a boutique fitness studio, all discount rates at Pilates Works are designed to reward our most frequent and loyal clients who are committed to following through on their fitness goals.  We love helping people to get stronger and feel good in their bodies, but we’re better able to do our jobs well when you attend regularly.

Call 817-386-7832 or email to schedule personal training sessions or tours.

To shop in the online store and see options for discount packages, visit our PRICING Page

Advance payment required to reserve sessions. 48-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be responsible for payment in full.  Read complete studio policies here.

Studio Calendar

Small Group Training is included.  We attempt to list a few Private Personal Training Sessions each week for easy online registration – Additional options are available by contacting the studio. Please call or email for special requests.

Pilates Works typically closes for most major holidays.  Regularly checking the Studio Calendar through the website or the Pilates Works FREE iPhone app gives you the ability to see our schedule changes hit “LIVE” in “REAL TIME” and you may find options appear/disappear based on teacher availability and changes in client schedules.  Stopping to REFRESH the app or the website is always recommended to make sure you’re seeing the truly current schedule.