your RIGHTS &

your LEFTS

Seek symmetry and bipartisan cooperation across your midline.

No Body Is Perfect,

but we keep working on it.



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Our top instructors are NCCA accredited and listed in the USREPS database for the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals.  Be sure to check out our BIOS page to learn more.

Pilates Works studio features

State-of-the-Art Pilates Equipment plus Unique Equipment merging Pilates and Functional Fitness, all by Balanced Body®

Kerry Kreiman


Integrate functional fitness with core support.

Andrea Carroll


Combine balance work and resistance training.

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Pilates Works is a fitness studio for adults who want to live life as fully as possible in healthy, happy bodies!

Photos by Carolyn Bauman Cruz Featuring clients Terry Gwynne & Leanne Kirkham, and instructors Andrea Carroll & Kerry Kreiman

FREE 1 LITER bottle of Defiance Fuel ultra-purified water when you schedule a tour of the studio.
  • Zero calories, Zero sugars, Zero preservatives, Zero sodium
  • Perfect pH for athletes AND everyone living in a human body!
  • Defiance Fuel Technology is a Healthy Alternative to Alkaline Waters

Defiance Fuel helps to battle the aging process!  Our modern day bicarbonate dietary imbalance leads to the body systems’ acid level increasing with age.  Defiance Fuel supplies potassium bicarbonate to the body in a highly efficient way by using a patented ultra-hydration delivery system.  Neutralizing the acid load with potassium bicarbonate improves calcium and phosphorus balance, reduces bone breakdown, and slows the age-related decline in growth hormone levels. The inventor of Defiance Fuel studied the properties of waters from some of the healing wells in the world as part of his research process, and worked to re-create many of the same properties through a treatment process – Cellular Hydration Processing.  The water holds its perfect pH balance for 2 years from when it is bottled, and the bottles are BPA free!

How does it work?

We make a donation in your honor each time you check in on Facebook.  It is that simple, you check in every time you are at the gym and we donate in your honor. Each month Sweat Angels supports a different world class charity.   Check back here or on the studio display to learn more.

Mid Month Update!

Thanks for helping us provide 104,846 minutes of autism therapy for children

Minutes may not sound like a lot but half way through the month our community has already provided over 1,747 HOURS of therapy to autistic children in need.

Keep checking in to provide more Minutes of therapy because minutes turn into hours in the blink of an eye!

PILATES-based exercise is growing as a practice, an industry, and a philosophy for better living…

because it WORKS!

“Help Find Balance at Pilates Works” – our studio was selected to be featured on www.TexasHomesForSale.com 

Join us in Providing Autism Therapy

This April, every 2 check-ins provide a minute of autism therapy to a child and their family. The Autism Site works towards creating a better understanding of autism by providing educational opportunities and therapy to families living with autism. Thanks for checking...

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March MATness Celebration

March 17-31, 2017 Begosh and begorrah, let's get MOVING! Spring hath sprung, and we need to get strong, be strong, stay strong, get stronger. HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!  We're celebrating St. Paddy's Day and the energy, beauty, and possibility of SPRING with HALF-PRICE...

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FEBRUARY 13 - 27 (extended because we love you and your friends) For current/returning clients -  Bring a friend to class for free!   Do you have a friend, family member or business colleague who has talked about trying Pilates for years but never followed through? ...

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VALENTINE’S DAY MASS-O-CURE—Tired of all the hoo ha?  Not sure you have any best friends left?  Don’t care anyway?  Why let the excuses of any holiday or imposed societal expectation get you down?  Have you heard of the Food Is Medicine movement?  Well, exercise is...

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Goodness reigns when you share with others Taking the time to work out can seem like a guilt-ridden experience for some, when other tasks, needs, responsibilities, or even broader societal ills seem far more urgent than taking care of yourself.  That’s one of the...

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SUNDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2017 from 1 to 3 pm TRULY the first birthday of the opening of the new Pilates Works studio on February 12, 2016 Meet the teachers Equipment demonstrations New client specials Refreshments

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